public days

17th september 2022

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
BMC HQ in Grenchen

Start of the challenges: BMC Switzerland AG (HQ) – Sportstrasse 49, 2540 Grenchen

Picking up and fitting of test bikes: BMC Impec Lab – Niklaus Wengistrasse 10, 2540 Grenche

Promise of the day

As part of the BMC Classics weekend, Saturday’s event is open for free to all cycling enthusiasts who want to experience the BMC spirit.

Bike tests

Subject to announcement, participants will be able to test BMC bikes. To do so, they are invited to come by the BMC Impec Lab (Niklaus Wengistrasse 10, 2540 Grenchen) to choose and adjust their bike.

BMC Challenges

 Either with the test bike or with their private bike they will also be able to take part in the BMC challenges. The challenges are defined in advance, start from the HQ (Sportstrasse 49, 2540 Grenchen), and allow the cyclists to discover the region by trying to establish the best possible time on a defined route. The challenges can be performed at any time of the day between 09:00 and 16:00. 


Several BMC ambassadors will be present and will have the task of carrying out these challenges and setting reference times that will become the objective to beat for the participants. 

BMC Ambassadors

Guides (BMC staff) as well as ambassadors will also be available to participants who wish to be accompanied during one of the challenges.


Participants will have access to the showroom displaying the latest BMC bikes as well as our Adicta Lab Apparel line. A BMC staff member will be present to provide information to the visitors.

Catering and entertainment

The day will be animated by a DJ/speaker and one or more food truck will be available to participants.

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